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Daily Archives: December 6, 2003

bottom of it.

by Rob Friesel

So, ever since the OS X.3 “Panther” upgrade, I’ve been blaming myself for fxxxing up my hosts and/or Apache configuration. This one was just plain escaping me. I was using the same damn httpd.conf as I had been before… I’d gone into NetInfo Manager and removed my added “machines” and then re-added them. Based on […]


by Rob Friesel

I’ve officially found my favorite use for Exposé! Before I’d had a chance to play w/ Panther at all, I was like … “Exposé? Neat idea, but who’ll really need it?” Then I made the upgrade. And messed around with it a little. And I was like … “Wow! That’s really neat! But I don’t […]

what a dick!

by Rob Friesel

Scientists discover what they believe is the oldest fossil penis yet. Fascinating stuff. “The whole animal is amazing,” Professor Siveter added. “We have got something we could only dream about.” Not sure how I feel about that statement though… Who dreams about multi-millionio-genarian penises…?