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Monthly Archives: September 2005


by Rob Friesel

From a postcard sent by a friend: It was cloudy for our trip so we couldn’t see these islands. it was so cloudy it looked like we were in our own little world or like there wasn’t enough memory in the Acadia Park system to show anything father than 50 feet. Irony defined: Drive in […]

dream.20050924: flair

by Rob Friesel

Back-drop is essentially a mid-to-late-80s live action children’s television show. Something very closely linked to Reagan’s D.A.R.E. program. Cheesy set that’s supposed to be an urban youth center but has obviously too much land out back to be urban and is obviously too well funded to be real. The youth center counselors are clean cut […]

up early with launchd

by Rob Friesel

Trouble sleeping last night. Dreams that aren’t worth posting here because all they really seem to be are chilling previews of some stuff scheduled for Friday. So instead I jumped out of bed and decided to try and cross off one of the things on my to do list. AFP548 had a great article that […]

toward week’s end

by Rob Friesel

After the other night I kind of wanted to give up… But the Malkovich restoration continues. I’ve managed to neglect DHL’ing the bunk hard drive back but soon enough. I guess I was holding out for the remote possibility I’d get stuff off of it. Not so much. Anyways…: …that was successful. But then I […]

totally crapping out

by Rob Friesel

Boy oh boy… Malkovich is slowly returning to its former self. The big items on the restoration/recovery list are basically done. The iTunes Library back-up will untar overnight… There’s still lots to be done but we at least appear to be functional again. The next week will see some major attn devoted to some kind […]