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Daily Archives: October 16, 2005


by Rob Friesel

Reflecting on John’s recent post (one of the comments, to be specific), it dawned on me that I’d never cast my perfect true-to-point cinematic version of Neuromancer. How sloppy of me. Armitage/Corto – John Turturro (though Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken are close runners up for this role…) Case – Jason Lee (think about it, […]

incoming! nanowrimo!

by Rob Friesel

Hat’s off to dystopianethic for signing up for NaNoWriMo. I’d do it myself but at about 180 pages, I think I should finish what I’ve started. (Since apparently, I can’t use my existing work for the November fun…) Which I guess is OK. In the spirit of the season though, I’ll vow to write every […]