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Daily Archives: November 30, 2005

Bad Behaviour

by Rob Friesel

Downloaded and installed the Bad Behaviour WordPress plug-in to combat some recent spammy comments that have been trying to sneak through. Kinda makes me wish I lived in Russia… UPDATE: So far, no good. It’s tracking failures but I’ve still gotten close to 50 comment spam attempts already this morning… Yargh! So we’ll turn verbose […]

human traffic

by Rob Friesel

Via Boing Boing: “Driving the argument home” – – a piece from BBC news re: some civilians that set up “traffic-calming happenings” in their neighborhood in an effort to take back the roads and stop motorists from zooming up/down the streets with reckless abandon. “With the living room, it was the most direct way of […]

dream.20051130: school

by Rob Friesel

I’m about 15 years old but have somehow snuck myself into this 4th grade field trip with three other guys. A true-to-life/in-the-flesh Ms. Hoover (from The Simpsons) is the class teacher. The field trip is to some school (a high school?) that’s 6 stories high. I have some kind of vendetta to extract here. Three […]