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Monthly Archives: January 2006


by Rob Friesel

So I watched [tag]2010[/tag] tonight since my local Blockbuster doesn’t seem to have [tag]2001[/tag]. This is a drag for several reasons. But for several other reasons, I’ll live with it. 2010 is good enough in it’s own right. Potential spoilers below: First and foremost, it stands well enough on its own. You get enough of […]


by Rob Friesel

From ’round the web (in this case: MacSlash): Bare Bones’ [tag]Yojimbo[/tag] personal information organizer. What’s this doing that [tag]StickyBrain[/tag] or [tag]Voodoo Pad[/tag] isn’t? Granted, I can’t speak much for StickyBrain. Never used it. Don’t see the point in that kind of system. (Maybe I would if I’d used it?) I’ll stick to Voodoo Pad, which […]

training: whose dime is it, anyway?

by Rob Friesel

Slashdot post asks (in a nutshell): Whose responsibility is it for training, anyway? Yours? Or your company’s? To run the risk of sounding like some cliche: It depends now, don’t it? If the technology is something proven – – and by “proven” I mean it’s something the company already knows that it wants you to […]

quiet & stuff

by Rob Friesel

Except for a couple dreams and lame quicky link-out posts, it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  Yes, it’s true.  All sorts of hectic-ness have kept the posts to a minimum.  W/o giving away too much, this has been both good and bad.  Now to make up for it:  a series of short posts…

teh near-death

by Rob Friesel

Relief is realizing that despite having run over what appeared to be a mattress on my drive home, I am (in fact) still alive.  The sad (??) irony is that I probably would have avoided the drama all together had I been riding the ass of the truck in front of me.  Then maybe the […]

dream.20060122: games within games

by Rob Friesel

The game is hyperreal. I’m inside the game but I know it’s a game and the game’s iconographics are present. It’s part Neverwinter Nights, part Doom, part Zelda, part Go. There’s no hovering symbology for my “life” or “energy” – – I just feel hurt or not. It’s dark and I’m in the interior of […]

home stretch?

by Rob Friesel

At just under 300 pages, I keep asking myself: “How much longer until I finish out the rough draft of this damnable novel?”  I’m convinced that every would-be novelist hits this point sooner or later.  Especially if s/he is working a full time job to pick up what non-publication leaves behind. I’m convinced that it’s […]

Apple vs. Teh Postal Service

by Rob Friesel

So is anyone else just plain sick and tired of this freakin’ story? To me it’s just another chapter in the s/he said s/he said po-mo mythology of who said what when why where first and whether or not it’s all that original and/or (re?)mix-worthy in the first place. Statement one: [tag]The Postal Service[/tag]’s video […]