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Monthly Archives: May 2006

dream.20060531: runny bread

by Rob Friesel

Frantic. The family dinner approaches. I help my mother in the kitchen. There is bread to be baked. She hasn’t let it rise enough though. The dough is runny and won’t hold its shape. I try to say something but she insists that there’s not enough time. She pours out three loaves that run into […]

off to Philly

by Rob Friesel

Closing the lid on this laptop for the long weekend.  Off to Philadelphia with my dad and brother for some NCAA lacrosse tournament action.  (Call it a pilgrimage.)  Going through my final checklist to make sure that I get myself good and packed.  Don’t want to forget the sunscreen like last year. It’ll be a […]

dream.20060526: cryptica

by Rob Friesel

HoL-ish underground (but probably more Moria than Navidson).  Myself and two others.  One is behind me the entire time; I feel his (her?) presence but (s)he is invisible, always an over-the-shoulder glance away and side-stepping even that.  The other is a wizened elder.  We’ve stumbled into this underground labyrinth, tome open, exploring.  I’d had no […]

draft two!

by Rob Friesel

Completed draft two of my novel this evening. This round of revisions brings us to 340 pages and 80,625 words. Respectable. Smoothed out some edges, touched up the prose, rounded out some dialogue… All the stuff you’d expect from revisions. I’d say it’s time for another read of my own but I need reader feedback […]

A Thursday Top 10

by Rob Friesel

The Wrangled Method (Last Played is in the last 7 days; Limit to 10 songs selected by most often played.) Psykosonik “The Breathing Room” (191) The Postal Service “Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix)” (187) Psykosonik “Secret Life” (177) Depeche Mode “Everything Counts (Live)” (171) Atomica “Delorian” (154) Interpol “Leif Erikson” (151) The Smiths “Pretty […]

dream.20060524: comic haggling

by Rob Friesel

Comic book shop in a mall, clearly constructed in the 1980s; garish and wild and cheaply constructed.  There for a limited edition hand drawn, signed first run Mega-Tokyo; pencils and ink.  Background: video testimonial by a Howard Stern look-a-like; in one scene he’s all long hair and leather jacket and then he’s at the bottom […]

Chernobyl Art

by Rob Friesel Flash heavy site but full of beautiful (if utterly haunting) images taken in [tag]Chernobyl[/tag] to comemmorate the event.  There are some images of [tag]derelict[/tag] [tag]military equipment[/tag] that give me surprisingly more shivers than the images of the empty radioactive orphanage.  (At least I assume it’s an orphanage.) Previously on F_D: 20 Years of Chernobyl