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Daily Archives: October 22, 2006

links for 2006-10-23

by Rob Friesel

Creating Themes (WordPress Codex) (tags: webdev wordpress) Theme Development « WordPress Codex (tags: webdev wordpress reference) WordPress cheat sheet (PNG) (tags: wordpress reference) Cascading Style Cheatsheet (tags: CSS reference) Ultimate Tag Warrior by/via Neato: robust and thorough tagging plug-in for your WordPress folksonomy needs… (tags: wordpress blog tags tagging reference) Extended Live Archive by/via Sons […]

smoke clears, dust settles

by Rob Friesel

Earlier today we embarked on a little upgrade here at F_D. We ditched our old Kubrick bastardization (nee “Mario”) and upgraded the front-end to use the next-gen, deliciously AJAX-y K2 framework. From there, we installed a slew of supporting plug-ins and tweaked the look-and-feel until we had achieved an approximation of our wireframe from yesterday. We have dubbed […]

warning: high signal-to-noise ratio

by Rob Friesel

Considering a few things (i.e., IE7’s release, tipping over 1000 pictures on Flickr, the approaching anniversary of our original WordPress switch), we’ve decided to give the site a new look and feel. We’re going to be basing it on the K2 theme framework and we’ve got the wireframe done (now for the graphics, CSS, and […]