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Monthly Archives: February 2007

potential downtime

by Rob Friesel

Looks like F_D may be switching hosting providers in the foreseeable and perhaps even immediate future.  A security-related support issue with our current host has been handled very (erm) poorly and it’s not looking good for any resolution on their end.  So if there’s some downtime and the F_D site appears shuttered and dark…  Well, […]

dream.20070225: Indiana Jack

by Rob Friesel

Harrison Ford reprises the role of Indiana Jones in a mash-up of Raiders… and The Shining.  Indy is the caretaker of this huge lodging throughout the blisteringly cold, snowed-in winter months.  He slowly realizes that all of the requests being made by guests are either ghosts or hallucinations and this plunges him into a psychotic […]