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introducing Ortho

by Rob Friesel

We deployed our “Pemulis” version of K2 here on found_drama back in October; it has served us well but truth be told it carries a bit more bloat that we need. There’s the main style.css which carries hooks for plug-ins I don’t use (among other things) and then there’s Prototype and then there are all of those ancillary images. It was just a bit much.

Plus there was a snow storm this weekend and it was an excuse to brush up on my webdev skills instead of shovelling.

Benefits? A slimmed down, minimalist design with few graphics and few external files (CSS, JavaScript, etc.) makes for fast load times. Should be more accessible now, too — w/r/t/ plussed-up browser font sizes, screen readers and so on… Wrapped up most of the testing tonight, too. So far, everything holds together. Some minor differences (mostly behavioral) between Camino/Firefox and Safari. Haven’t checked it in any version of IE yet (chime in if you see something). That said, I’m sure there will be tweaks throughout the coming weeks. Especially when it comes to any of the items on my existing “to-do/follow-up” list. (i.e., fixing the Flickr badge’s behavior in Safari, IE layout “adjustments”, etc.)

But so far, so good…

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