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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Search Term Haiku: April 2007

by Rob Friesel

scorpio tattoo name for the fear of zombies vegetable juice Ah… The triumphant return of Search Term Haiku; the last one was back in March (with the February terms). We switched hosting providers in that time and it’s taken a little while to adjust 1. Anyway, some config tweaks later and we’ve got it reporting […]

dream.20070430: escape/steampunk Libya

by Rob Friesel

So much noise from the condo below us.  So much screaming.  They must have a million voices down there.  A million droning groans.  A million zombie renters.  Quick!  Lock the doors!  Bar them!  Barricade!  But no sooner does the deadbolt turn then we notice the cat has slipped out.  They’ll eat him!  Instead, they come […]

our (half) plot

by Rob Friesel

We stopped by Medical Center today to see if the plots had been marked off… They were. We are (happily) right next to Adam and Sue’s (full) plot.  15′ x 30′ of soil in which to go nuts with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc.  See how much we can get crammed in there.

River of Gods

by Rob Friesel

Just wrapped up Ian McDonald’s River of Gods and have decided to go with the “highly recommended” rating on this one. When you pick this up and hold the hard cover in your hands, its heft is a little intimidating. When you put it down 597 pages later, you’ll wonder how he managed to keep […]

links for 2007-04-27

by Rob Friesel

DRIMaker at/via TUAW: “Automated High Dynamic Range Images” (tags: photography hdr todo) Six-Dimensional Space-Time Theory at/via /. (tags: science research) Announcing Coda 1.0 ~stevenf: new “all-in-one” webdev editor; looks to be worth checking out (tags: webdev editor Coda todo)