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Daily Archives: May 18, 2007

writing reflections

by Rob Friesel

I decided to take Creighton’s advice and do something completely different.  I thought about my NaNoWriMo success(es) and what worked there and how much fun I had working on that project.  He was right that part of the reason for that success was that I wasn’t invested in that piece in the same way that […]

dream.20070518(2): out of place

by Rob Friesel

I am returning to St. Mary’s for one last semester.  My room assignment is a single but when I arrive, it’s entirely too large.  Almost three times the size that I expect.  And there are closets along every interior wall.  And all of my stuff is already here; my belongings are disorganized and stacked strangely […]

dream.20070518(1): folk hero’s blues

by Rob Friesel

Sitting in a local bar, the lights dim and mostly neon ad lights reflected in the mirrors and other shiny surfaces. Samuel L. Jackson tends bar while the natives are telling stories about … me? They’re laudatory and embarrassing and patently untrue. These stories are not necessarily lies but they’re blowing these events out of […]