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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Raymond Chandler

by Rob Friesel

In December, John gave me a homework assignment: “You want to include some sort of ‘mystery’ element in your stories?  You better get familiar with Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.”  It seemed like a simple enough request.  Get down with the classic, defining bodies of pulp noir.  Sam Spade?  Philip Marlowe?  You better know these […]

lame Friday night update

by Rob Friesel

unbelievably worn out (seriously folks, breaking points) Stoli is still at the vet; the plan is for him to come home tomorrow morning (assuming of course that he is better) GoodReads still has a bad UI but it’s oddly addictive I should start The High Window now that I’ve finished Farewell, My Lovely but part […]

sources of insomnia (redacted)

by Rob Friesel

Almost as if in response to something I said about him, the little bastard goes and gets sick. I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that the vet says that they can’t find anything wrong with him. Nothing on the x-ray, nothing in blood work, nothing alarming in the urinalysis… It is the […]


by Rob Friesel

I forget where I came across the first time around but I had basically just removed the link from my “todo” set when Sarah pops up and tells Wranglers to get on board.  So, several Wranglers later, I cave and join up as well.  Short versions of immediate impressions: The concept is neat […]

sources of insomnia (part one)

by Rob Friesel

Smug little bastard. Until about one month ago, this damned cat of ours did not meow.  I do not know why.  Perhaps he thought it was undignified.  Perhaps he had short vocal chords that hurt when he used them.  Perhaps an earlier life on the streets taught him the value of keeping his mouth shut.  […]