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Monthly Archives: September 2007

links for 2007-09-30

by Rob Friesel

Major biological discovery…inside the Chernobyl reactor?? via Doug’s Darkworld: a collection of fungi that eat gamma rays? (tags: biology chernobyl evolution nuclear russia science panspermia research) How to close off a project properly via (tags: management work productivity projects essay todo)


by Rob Friesel

WordPress 2.3 upgrade here at F_D is … well, it’s more-or-less complete.  The Extended Live Archive plug-in had some compatibility issues so it was discarded for the simple and effective “Compact Monthly Archive” plug-in.  At least for now.  At least until I can roll-my-own archives plug-in 1.  On the flip of that, switching to the […]

links for 2007-09-28

by Rob Friesel

10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of via Developer’s Toolbox @ (aware of usability but not (apparently) of grammar) (tags: work webdev usability UI essay) My Personal Opinion – 90% of the Rankings Equation Lies in These 4 Factors via SEOmoz: just plain common sense? (tags: marketing webdev work search seo essay) The […]


by Rob Friesel

I’m inside my own private version of Cargill’s 90/90 Law.  Comparing the last three days of work on The Project’s outline with the last three weeks…  Well, it doesn’t look like much by comparison.  Endings are as difficult to conceptualize as they are to write.  Even something that borders on Stephensonian 1.  I suppose then […]

dream.20070926: lenses

by Rob Friesel

I are running late for the NCAA championship tournament; I was supposed to have met Dad there already.  I’ve arranged a ride on this strange guy’s spare sailboat.  Part of my problem is that I cannot get the lenses to fit correctly on the new camera.  I have my silver-bodied Canon point-and-shoot digital in my […]