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Monthly Archives: October 2007

links for 2007-10-30

by Rob Friesel

Humans vs. Zombies (Steve is playing this week…) (tags: games zombie ambulothanatophobia todo) Caffeine via Lighthead (via TUAW): app sits in the menubar and lets you quickly, easily, and temporarily disable screensavers, screen dimming, and sleep — for presentations etc. Now I just need “Valium” to do the opposite… (tags: Mac OSX caffeine menubar software […]

links for 2007-10-28

by Rob Friesel

Favorite Leopard Features via Gus Mueller (maker of VoodooPad): “ now has a message: URL for each message, meaning you can now drag and drop messages to VoodooPad, and VP will link it up (in the upcoming release of VP 3.2.3 anyway).” This alone might be worth the price of (tags: Mac OSX essay todo)

links for 2007-10-24

by Rob Friesel

7 Can’t-Miss Ways To Kick-Start The Writing Habit via Freelance Folder: geared toward bloggers/journalists (I think) but still some good material such as: “We tend to assume that great writers write great stuff all the time. Face it – they don’t. Professional writers write even when nothing but crap co (tags: productivity writing essay)