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Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

Gun, With Occasional Music

by Rob Friesel

In Gun, with Occasional Music, Jonathan Lethem gives us science fiction’s worthy successor to Raymond Chandler.  Though this is the easy take-home message from nearly every quoted newspaper columnist, book jacket blurb, and miscellaneous reviewer — they also all happen to be right. Even a cursory familiarity with Chandler’s pulp noir will ring through with […]

X-Files: Season Three

by Rob Friesel

After the thrilling, cliffhanger ending to Season Two, A. and I were more than ready to get to the next developments in the series.  Too bad we had a “Very Long Wait” ahead of us in the rental queue1.  It was worth the wait though.  The writers for Season Three have found their stride and […]

links for 2008-07-19

by Rob Friesel

Edge 250 via B²: read for the Dyson short (tags: essay fiction google literature science scifi writing research todo) All aboard the nuclear power superjet. Just don’t ask about the landing strip via The Guardian (via /.) (tags: energy environment essay green politics science research todo)