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Daily Archives: January 6, 2009

hot Mac screenshot goodness

by Rob Friesel

Very nice tip for folks that want to get screenshots of “mouse-down sensitive” events in OS X (e.g., drag-and-drop operations). Initiate your drag-and-drop (or other “mouse-down sensitive”) operation; ⌘⇧4 to invoke the screenshot area selector; hit the spacebar to convert it to the window selecting “camera”; click the window with the right mouse button. Voila! […]

Linkdump for January 6th

by Rob Friesel

Semantics in HTML 5 at A List Apart : If we continue to be clever with the existing constructs of HTML, more problems such as this will arise. But HTML suffers from a fundamental defect as a semantic markup language—its semantics are fixed, not extensible. (tagged: webdev html5 accessibility microformats essay todo ) Return of […]