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Monthly Archives: September 2009

advise me: enhancing storage

by Rob Friesel

…or, how I added storage to my iMac and successfully put off getting another computer for at least another year? Malkovich1is running low on storage.  Today’s free space count is something like 26.09 GB.  Still reasonably respectable but considering total drive capacity started at 250 GB, we’re certainly feeling cramped.  Personally, I blame all the […]

Linkdump for September 27th

by Rob Friesel

More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation short version: I would support this if we did not ONLY emphasize traditional academics; when we're talk about lengthening the school day, let's keep in perspective that kids need to be kids, too—more hours and more days is only part of the answer, we also need to make […]

Theodore Rex: a few thoughts, but not much of a review

by Rob Friesel

A few thoughts as I step away from Theodore Rex: (1) “Teddy” was a really and truly fascinating character and (like him or not) an important figure in American history. (2) Given when I was reading this (i.e., more/less at the height of the health care reform debates of the Obama administration), it gives me […]

Linkdump for September 20th

by Rob Friesel

The City Is A Battlesuit For Surviving The Future at io9 (tagged: future scifi architecture todo ) Artists’ Portraits of Science Fiction’s Greatest Writers at io9 — the Lovecraft and Delany portraits are worth the price of admission (as the kids say) (tagged: scifi art ) Name that Color at — put in your […]

Linkdump for September 14th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript Framework Matrix “Overview with functions and examples” (tagged: javascript jQuery Ext framework reference work ) Yojimbo, and The Case for Anything Buckets by Shawn Blanc (via DF) — interesting redux of Yojimbo and there are some very compelling arguments in there (perhaps I should give it a shot?) (tagged: yojimbo Mac osx software review […]

Linkdump for September 12th

by Rob Friesel

JSTalk (tagged: javascript Cocoa JSTalk todo ) Re: 2012, Zombies & The Singularity at Babel Clash by paolobacigalupi (via John Joseph Adams) (tagged: zombie ambulothanatophobia essay blog todo ) Mac Dev Center: What’s New In Mac OS X: Mac OS X v10.6 via DF — heady stuff and most of it over my head, but […]

Linkdump for September 8th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript shell scripting / via Ajaxian — a little more useful info on using jsc (tagged: jsc javascript shell console terminal scripting tutorial todo Mac OSX ) JavaScript on the command line or as a shell scripting language at Ajaxian — /usr/bin/jsc for me, baby… (tagged: javascript shell scripting terminal command console todo ) […]