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Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

“My God, it’s full of semi-colons.” (or: yes, maybe we are all a little overwhelmed with the micro-framework threads)

by Rob Friesel

“Can everyone stop writing JS micro-libraries for a second. I need to catch my breath.”1 There are a few posts (on both sides of the fence) about this shit-storm2 of “micro-frameworks” that seem to be getting announced every other day lately; and while I’m not sure if the following referenced post is the best post […]

on Thiel on the education bubble

by Rob Friesel

Sarah Lacy at TechCrunch writing about Peter Thiel (“We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education.”): But, he argues, that doesn’t mean it’s not an uncomfortable elitist dynamic that we should try to change. He compares it to a world in which everyone was buying guns to stay safe. Maybe they […]