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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Linkdump for February 28th

by Rob Friesel

The Sun is Setting on Rails-style MVC Frameworks At Still digesting this one (and its B- comment thread). Short version of immediate gut response: aspects of MVC are bogus (e.g., some of the "magic", implementation details that throw "wrong" HTTP responses [if you want to be that pedantic]), but it seems to me like […]

“write me a story about this”

by Rob Friesel

Earlier this week, Jeremiah Tolbert (@jeremiahtolbert) started a Tumblr called “Write Me a Story About This” wherein he posts images that should provide good seeds for interesting little short stories. I’ve decided to play along; I want to do a flash fiction piece for each image that he posts, and hope that I don’t have […]

on that “Rails went off the Rails” post

by Rob Friesel

RE: Rails Went Off The Rails: Why I’m Rebuilding Archaeopteryx In CoffeeScript …by Giles Bowkett (@gilesgoatboy); via @al3x. I read this and did a lot of head-nodding, but there was something about it that did not sit right with me. And not just the inflammatory rhetoric. 1 There was something else… Fortunately, Reginald Braithwaite summarized […]

Linkdump for February 21st

by Rob Friesel

Valid JavaScript variable names Mathias Bynens going deep on the sometimes confusing world of JavaScript variable names. (tagged: javascript ) David Foster Wallace: The Big, Uncut Interview (2003) At Open Culture (via @fogus) (tagged: video culture interview politics literature David Foster Wallace ) Is Device-Friendly Development a Responsibility? Some musings from local dev Mike Fowler […]

Linkdump for February 12th

by Rob Friesel

The Myth of Writer’s Block Jon Gingerich writing at LitReactor (tagged: todo essay writing ) Un-Building Blocks: What to Do When You Can’t Do It Ed Sikov writing at LitReactor (tagged: todo essay writing ) The vendor prefix mess PPK at QuirksBlog with a (mostly) reasonable assessment of this week's -webkit prefix fiasco. For what […]

Linkdump for February 9th

by Rob Friesel

An Event Apart: CSS Best Practices Luke W.'s notes on Nicole Sullivan's "CSS Best Practices" talk at AEA Atlanta in February 2012. I saw a version of this talk given "at" (it was a virtual conference) E4H's "CSS Summit" in July 2011. (tagged: css ) MIT’s New Free Courses May Threaten (and Improve) the Traditional […]