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Monthly Archives: March 2015

birds-eye view of JSPM and Babel for ES6

by !undefined

Building with AngularJS, JSPM, Babel, Gulp and ES6:

Unfortunately, it’s a very birds-eye-view of putting these pieces together, but it’s still worth checking out because it gives a glimpse of what it might be like. The AngularJS-specific bits offer nothing new (and frankly feel a bit out-dated), and I’m still just lukewarm on Gulp — but what’s particularly interesting is the combination of JSPM and Babel, and how that empowers developers to start using ES6-style JavaScript today.

“People don’t really eat pizza in Montana.”

by not non-fiction

Thomas McGuane with bits like:

People don’t really eat pizza in Montana. There are no secretaries here.


I like writing that’s a bit more direct because I hope the subjects are difficult enough that they can supply all the indirection that I could possibly manage.

And also:

There comes a point where I have to declare a truce with the text or I’ll keep fooling with it forever.

Fascinating interview on NPR’s All Things Considered re: his new collection, Crow Fair. More than worth the 7 or so minutes. Go check it out.