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Monthly Archives: August 2015

a year of solar

by Rob Friesel

I got a little braggy about this on Twitter earlier this year…1 Our little solar project is doing pretty well. 4376.89 kW/h total yield. Thank you, @suncommon — Rob Friesel (@founddrama) June 6, 2015 It’s probably worth pointing out that, in this image, I had miscalculated the kWh values. A quirk of R appears […]

building software is half strategy and half improvisation

by !undefined

“I’m writing this piece because building software is half strategy and half improvisation, and I really do think there are ways to train in both.”

Sara Simon, Learning Fluency

Given that my own background has a lot of overlap with her story, this struck a chord with me. The diverse interests, the broad learning, the liberal arts background. You can focus on computer science (or software engineering, or really anything) early and go as deep as possible, as fast as possible. But you’ll miss things.

But something else struck me here in Sara’s essay – something that should have been obvious to me because I have small children: that our important learning comes not in these big flashes (at least not most of the time), but in the repetition of small things. My kids do this. A tiny thing gets repeated over and over again until its mastered, and then it’s just… there. (And again: this should have been obvious to me from my recent study of Scrum and Agile, and its alignment to shu-ha-ri.)

search term haiku: July 2015

by Rob Friesel

Java app drama can’t find spec variable parse output chutzpah “Search Term Haiku” is a series wherein I examine this site’s log files and construct one or more haiku poems from search terms and phrases that led visitors to the site. Where possible, I attempt to keep the search phrases intact. However, as these are […]