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Monthly Archives: November 2015

“they don’t use a traditional UI”

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No UI is the New UI:

A thought-provoking post, but let’s get our terms straight here. If SMS is or some other “simple messaging” is the primary interaction modality, then that is the UI–which is very different from something having “no UI”.

In my Medium response to this post, I mentioned that “even your smoke detector” has a UI, even if that UI is “just” a little light, a button, and some annoying-ass low-battery chirps at 3 o’clock in the goddamn morning.

The really interesting questions getting raised here are around what a user interface is, and how much of it can you take away. Can you shield people from the complexity of buttons and search boxes and hamburger menus? Can your app do its thing through a “chat” modality? Or is that going to be confusing? Can you lose the visual interface all together, a la Siri?

These are great questions to be asking, and I’ll admit that these are things that I’ve taken for granted.

canary releases and adaptive LIFO queues

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Fail at Scale:

Great points by Facebook’s Ben Maurer, and an extremely interesting read about how they try to anticipate and manage failures. The observation that it’s so often linked back to configuration changes is an interesting one. I also enjoyed the bit about canary releases and the adaptive LIFO queues.

Being the Allspaw fan that I am, I always cringe a bit when I see someone so cavalierly throw out the phrases “human error” and “root cause” – no matter what their data say. But their “DERP” methodology softens the blow a bit. If you’re not doing post mortems incident reviews using something like that, then there’s a good chance that yours are toxic.

“entire classes of apps that don’t benefit”

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Tradeoffs in server side and client side rendering:

A well-reasoned discussion about what trade-offs you’re making when choosing your frameworks, and whether to defer the majority of the view rendering to client, or to do it on the server. There are tons of posts out there like this, but this particular post is all signal and no noise. If you’re researching this topic, this is an excellent companion.