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Monthly Archives: March 2016

dream.20160315: GOP burgers

by Rob Friesel

You and President Obama are the judges on a Chopped-style burger competition. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the finalists. They’re doing at it hard over the grills. When time is called and they bring forth the burgers, both of them have produced monstrosities. Rubio is oddly disparaging of his own effort, praising Cruz’s burger […]

dream.20160312: bottle bombs

by Rob Friesel

The town is flooded. But not in nature-is-vicious New Orleans during Katrina sort of way; more like a permanent war-of-attrition city of Venice sort of way. But you load them into your gondola, your bottles. Gently you bring them down out of the closet, and gently you remove them from their boxes, and gently you […]