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the mac report.

by Rob Friesel

So I’ve been on my iBook about a month now and the verdict is in: good move. The caveats?

  1. I wish the software fr/ my PC was compatible. It’d ease the transition. But all in good time…
  2. The OS may be crash-proof (knock-on-polymer) but some of the apps are still buggy. Interestingly enough though, I’m not surprised that the buggy apps are either
    1. java based or
    2. 3rd party apps ported from Classic.


Overall the transition has gone well and is quite nice. The OS has a more comfortable feel to it, right down to the terminal window. (BTW– It’s nice to be able to customize the terminal window … makes you feel like you belong there instead of that obnoxious cmd window in XP … alienating and wimpy.) It talks to the PCs nicely, too. The ol’ D-3 box is being slowly converted into a server-of-sorts. And the iBook has no problems seeing it. I haven’t been able to get the shared printer to show up … but I have a feeling that’s a serious legacy issue — the Wintel boxes having a hard enough time with it. (Since when did a printer made in ’97 become legacy!?) The assorted iApps have been nice, too — not that they couldn’t use a bit of improvement. (iPhoto- for example- would be much improved if I had direct control over image size and resolution of imported images. What w/ today’s blog-mania & all…) Safari is an outstanding browser save for its occassionally wonky CSS rendering (well, w/r/t/ Ben’s site anyway…) and total lack of an XML parser. But that’s what v2 is for, right?

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