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Orin is a theme for WordPress, derived from the “naked” Starkers theme, and otherwise custom designed by Rob Friesel for his blog, found_drama. Orin was developed as an experiment in HTML5 and CSS3, with the goal of keeping the mark-up clean and semantic while still able to make room for all that legacy mark-up from all those many years of blogging. (Hopefully it all plays nicely together.) There is no JavaScript essential to the theme’s presentation or operation, but jQuery (loaded via the Google CDN) is currently bundled with it.

And though Orin was developed by a professional, it was developed as a hobby and on a hobbyist’s schedule. Assume that it’s about ≥90% ready for “general consumption”–and with just a little bit of tweaking, anyone ought to be able to use it. (Translation: “Sounds about the same as every other theme out there.”) If you enjoy the theme, or are otherwise intrigued by it, feel free to fork the source on GitHub.

Also: here are a few indispensible plug-ins that help make Orin even more special:

Lastly, like all the custom (or at least “customized”) themes deployed here on the found_drama blog, “Orin” takes its name from a character in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Just wanted to be on record as saying that yes, that is indeed the case.

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