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Found Drama Dot Net is the personal blog of Rob Friesel, Jr. — Vermont resident, software industry jack-of-all-trades, dilettante writer, and ardent homebrewer. This site has seen a lot of content, and a lot of different kinds of content, since 2003; and while I’ve historically written about web development and literature, these days I mostly write about homebrewing and beer judging.

Comment Policy

Comments are welcome, but are moderated to keep things on-the-level and to cut down on the spam. (Akismet helps with that as well.) By and large, comments are published as-is. Hostile or hateful comments will be removed. (A little dissent is healthy, but no trolling, and no incitements to violence.) Occasionally, I will clean up some of the spelling or grammar on your behalf. (You’re welcome.)

Also, comments on posts will be considered part of the blog’s content and will thus fall under the Creative Commons licensing (vide infra) that applies throughout. If you are sensitive about ownership of your comments, I suggest that you post your replies elsewhere and either post the link in the comments section, or else use a trackback to reciprocate the dialogue.

Details and Technicalities

First: the name of this site is a reference to Infinite Jest. I have a mild obsession with David Foster Wallace; it’s nothing malignant, though it’s probably terminal.

The site is powered by WordPress and uses a custom skin called Orin. The site is hosted on DreamHost; sign up with them using this affiliate link and I get a little kick-back.

The views expressed on this site are mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, business partners, or the organizations I’m involved with. Any overlap is strictly coincidental; I’m not here to represent anyone but myself.

All content posted on this website (including your comments) is shared and protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License unless otherwise specified.

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