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Homebrew #46: Honestatis (Mk. VII)

by Rob Friesel

Honestatis. My house extra amber ale. I’d been out of it since mid-May. An awfully long time to be out of the beer you were born to drink. The time had come to brew up the next batch. But there was a plot twist. A friend of mine had brewed a batch or two of his own take on it, and we were both gearing up to brew this at the same time. Why not combine forces? Honestatis (Mk. VII), the redux:

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Homebrew #44: Otaku Supper

by Rob Friesel

It was late September, and we were waiting for fall to finally (finally) make its presence known. At the first hint that the leaves might finally change color and drop, that the Vermont thermostat might finally turn down to “chilly”… I took an inventory of what I had in my brewing backlog. I was staring down a New Zealand Pilsner, another batch of Honestatis, and a honey porter which, while seasonally appropriate, was also calling for some wood-aging. My kegs were empty, and while I’d soon have plenty of that Motueka, things were otherwise looking… like slim pickings. The NZ Pilsner would take a while, as would the honey porter. And while Honestatis could get turned around reasonably quickly, there were… complications and/or collaborations to be considered. Then it dawned on me that an oatmeal stout would be perfect. A typo or two later and Otaku Supper took shape:

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Homebrew #42: Prosody (Motueka)

by Rob Friesel

Given the relative success of the first batch of this single hop APA project, and given that I hadn’t done any brewing at home since the Roggenbier in July, it seemed like a good opportunity to make a batch of straightforward-but-delicious pale ale for home consumption.[1] And given my recent excitement for New Zealand hop varietals, there seemed no better time than the start of September for Prosody (Motueka).

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  1. Also my refrigerator had been mostly full of ≥7% beers and I was feeling the strong need to tone it down a little on the ABV front. []

BJCP Study Group: Category 19 (and/or Russian Imperial Stouts)

by Rob Friesel

Filed under “Best Laid Plans” and/or “Improvising” — our ninth study group session, intended for Category 19 (and coordinated by yours truly) got re-purposed, more or less at the last minute, for a… very special training session:

Judging the 2017 GMM Style Challenge beers: 20C. Imperial Stout

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Twenty Malts

by Rob Friesel

At the confluence of my homebrewing and BJCP study group work, I found that I needed to deepen my knowledge of raw ingredients. Because hops are de rigueur pretty much all the time, I feel like I’ve gotten fairly well-acquainted with a number of varietals. And I spent most of my 2016 brew sessions experimenting with different yeast strains, so I was doing at least OK there. But try as I might, I haven’t been able to take malts and “make them stick”.

It seemed to me that there was only one way to really solve this problem.

To do what I always do when I want to know more about a subject: to go deep, and take notes.

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