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BJCP Study Group: Category 23

by Rob Friesel

As of session #21 we have just four[1] categories left to cover. With this session we worked our way through some of the more… interesting beers from the style guide.

I am of course talking about the European Sour Ales.

Category 23. European Sour Ale Continue reading →

  1. Four? Three? I believe that we intend to cover historical styles but I’m not 100% sure that we will. []

Homebrew #54: Tilde Galaxy (Mk. II)

by Rob Friesel

When I first brewed this beer, I wrote that it “was me trying to play my hand at the IPA game”. I took a less-is-more approach: super-simple grist (just some Briess Pale Ale malt and the golden light DME to make up the difference on my partial mash), all Galaxy everywhere, and a healthy pitch of Wyeast 1332.[1] Needless to say, I was delighted when it brought home a surprise Third Place Ribbon in the 2016 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition. With a few ounces of Galaxy “left over” from that Grisette Moderne, it was time to reprise Tilde Galaxy (Mk. II):

Tilde Galaxy (Mk. II) -- first pours Continue reading →

  1. Which has gone on to become one of my favorite yeasts, and one I’ve harvested numerous times as my house strain. []

Homebrew #52: Prosody (Mosaic)

by Rob Friesel

For the third installment in my single-hop APA series, I took some of the “left overs” from the Grisette Moderne and applied them toward this project. Time for Prosody (Mosaic):[1]

Prosody (Mosaic) — ready to drink Continue reading →

  1. I was so very tempted to use the “left over” Galaxy for the APA project and/but/so… I had a certain ribbon-winner that needed reprising. []

Homebrew #48: Grisette Deux Façons

by Rob Friesel

As a variation on a saison, grisette was a style that I instantly fell in love with. Almost immediately afterward I started poking around, plotting how to make one of my own. And after about a year and a half of research and planning, I pulled the trigger on a batch which (for reasons I will explain later) I decided to split. Thus did it become Grisette Deux Façons[1] — with Traditionnelle and Moderne takes.

(Green Mountain) Grisette Traditionnelle Continue reading →

  1. If you’re curious: yes, my French is 100% Google Translate. []