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Homebrew #60: Glorified

by Rob Friesel

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a real actual true Trappist Single. There was St. Bernardus Extra 4 from our study group but… that seemed an unsatisfying answer, that singular data point. So what motivated this particular brew was two-fold: first, that I needed a glorified starter (hence the name) for a significantly bigger Trappist-inspired beer to follow, and second, to see if I could brew a serviceable Trappist Single. That brings us to Glorified:

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Homebrew #59: Honestatis (Mk. VIII)

by Rob Friesel

It’s been since December that I last had Honestatis on draft around here1 and felt I was overdue to brew the next batch. I’d been tinkering with the formulation a bit, following some tasting notes from the last time I’d brewed it with Dan, but as it happens… so was he. Rather than duplicate effort, we decided once again to combine forces. Honestatis (Mk. VIII), the deviant redux:

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  1. Technically this is true, the keg having kicked December 16, 2017; but Dan was kind enough to give me a bottle from our last batch sometime in April so we could properly celebrate this beer’s performance in First Round of NHC. []

BJCP exam tomorrow (wish me luck)

by Rob Friesel

I think it’s fair to say that I would eventually have gotten the itch to get a BJCP certification. But it was that November 2016 BYO Boot Camp with Gordon Strong that really kicked off this journey.

Me and Gordon Strong

In retrospect, it was only natural that he would encourage me to go seek my certification. But at the time it was flattering and just the kick I needed. Continue reading →

Homebrew #57: Clone in the Window

by Rob Friesel

Over the years, I’ve drunk more than my fair share of craft beer. And of all those craft beers, most of them were from our local Vermont breweries. And of those breweries, Burlington Beer Company has (in a short time) taken over the #1 slot. That is due, in large part, to their very (very) fine rye IPA called Light in the Window. So imagine my dismay when I learned that they were discontinuing production.

No matter. A little social media harassment and begging/pleading later and I got the next best thing to a revival. I got the recipe. Clone in the Window:

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2018 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition Results

by Rob Friesel

Yesterday was the 2018 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition. I went pretty big this year, with 12 entries between all my beers and meads, and it paid off with seven medals — including a successful defense of my Mead Maker of the Year title. In addition to competing, I had the privilege of judging and hopefully I will earn some experience points for it after the exam in two weeks.

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Homebrew #56: Grünberg Pils

by Rob Friesel

One of my goals for 2018 was to branch out a little more as a brewer, especially with respect to styles. I have the things that I like to brew, and the things that I like to drink, but I thought it would be good to do… oh I don’t know, make at least four new-to-me styles.

The first style I picked was a German Pils and thought that I’d do a little Vermont take on it. Hence Grünberg Pils:

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