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Journaling, photos, letters home, and other little mementos to remember me by.

Farewell, Vermont

by Rob Friesel

Our original plan was never to stay. We came for Amy’s graduate school, with every expectation that we would be gone in four or five years so she could chase a post-doc and then a tenure-track role after that. But that’s not how things shook out, and all the subsequent decisions — large and small […]

a year of solar

by Rob Friesel

I got a little braggy about this on Twitter earlier this year…1 Our little solar project is doing pretty well. 4376.89 kW/h total yield. Thank you, @suncommon — Rob Friesel (@founddrama) June 6, 2015 It’s probably worth pointing out that, in this image, I had miscalculated the kWh values. A quirk of R appears […]

Incredible Cross-Sections

by Rob Friesel

I was just talking about this book the other day, and then I saw this tweet: Incredible Cross-Sections simplifies complex things by bisecting objects on super-size pages — Wink Books (@WinkBooks) May 29, 2014 As I was telling my friends, I totally remember this book, and/but… @winkbooks @frauenfelder as a kid, the thing […]