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Journaling, photos, letters home, and other little mementos to remember me by.

a year of solar

by Rob Friesel

I got a little braggy about this on Twitter earlier this year…1 Our little solar project is doing pretty well. 4376.89 kW/h total yield. Thank you, @suncommon — Rob Friesel (@founddrama) June 6, 2015 It’s probably worth pointing out that, in this image, I had miscalculated the kWh values. A quirk of R appears […]

Incredible Cross-Sections

by Rob Friesel

I was just talking about this book the other day, and then I saw this tweet: Incredible Cross-Sections simplifies complex things by bisecting objects on super-size pages — Wink Books (@WinkBooks) May 29, 2014 As I was telling my friends, I totally remember this book, and/but… @winkbooks @frauenfelder as a kid, the thing […]