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BJCP Study Group Intermission: My First Time Judging

by Rob Friesel

As part of my quest to become a BJCP certified beer judge, I signed up to steward the 2017 Champlain Valley Fair Homebrew Competition on August 26, 2017. I hadn’t seen a competition in situ before, and I believe it would be useful to see how the events are organized and run. Further, I could […]

Homebrew #37: Awkward Gingham (Mk. II)

by Rob Friesel

When the early summer strawberry season came on the horizon, my thoughts turned to Awkward Gingham[1] and how badly I needed to re-attempt that beer. Given how much I’d learned since that clumsy 2015 attempt,[2] and given the nostalgia I was feeling for that clumsy 2015 attempt… it seemed totally appropriate to once again try […]