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by Rob Friesel

I’ve officially found my favorite use for Exposé! Before I’d had a chance to play w/ Panther at all, I was like … “Exposé? Neat idea, but who’ll really need it?” Then I made the upgrade. And messed around with it a little. And I was like … “Wow! That’s really neat! But I don’t really have enough applications open at any one time to really really make full use of this.” But this morning, I figured that mad mama-jama out…

  1. Set Exposé’s “Desktop” (F11) feature to a hot corner. (I use bottom left…)
  2. From any Finder window … or Safari … or really any other application w/ s/ kind of item in it that you could conceivably drag-&-drop, click and drag into that hot corner…
  3. Your active application fly away so you can drop that item anywhere on the desktop that you want. (Or into your mounted volume of choice and into the depths of your storage machine…!)


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