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the hacks so far.

by Rob Friesel

O! KetelOne how thou art full of surprises!

First we had all those fun experiments with VNC. Using osxvnc to talk to KetelOne from Detonator-3 (using win2vnc to do the talking. Or was that after we had osx2x up and to pass command to Detonator-3 (runnng winvnc to accept connections…) And there’s always vncViewer to put all of D-3 in a window on KetelOne’s desktop.

Now let’s revisit the Screen Spanning Doctor script from a week or so ago. Which works, by the way. Apparently you don’t need to pay for that value-added dual-head action after all. (The CRT is a little on the blue-green side … but you can’t have everything, I suppose…)

Who knows what else is in store for our next episode… Those issues of MacWorld keep showing up with all kinds of wacky tips in them.

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