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by Rob Friesel

Something about 1,650 Duke freshmen with iPods frightens me. As if these little bastards weren’t privileged enough… Or was I thinking of Wake Forest…? At least they’ll have the trendiest Spanish student exercises in the country.

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2 Responses to iPlod…

dopaminergic says:

And like I was pondering earlier, do they have to return the iPod if they don’t graduate? Getting contact information and important dates could be accomplished via virtually any pre-existing electronic medium or in the antiquated paper form. Much less snazzy. But much cheaper. If they had any clue what most state schools go through just to have custodial services….makes me sick.

Anonymous says:

In other news… St. Mary’s College of Maryland has decided to provide all incoming freshmen for the Fall 04 semester with a frisbee having the school’s crest on it.

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