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by Rob Friesel

Still more on this issue with iTunes… This time zero’ing in on — SURPRISE!! — not the network but something about that particular version iTunes (

Observed last night that not only can the iTunes library on Detonator-3 not get shared to the other clients, it can’t seem to connect to the iTunes Music Store. Found some similar gripes on the Apple discussion boards… There were mostly centered around the iTunes Music Store but the thread was the same:I cannot connect to…

So to rule out the network config once and for all, I disabled the Airport card on KetelOne and connected it strictly via the cat-5 into the Netgear router. Then I fired up BloodyNinja and connected via 802.11g. I figured IF ANY CONFIGURATION IS GOING TO BREAK OVER THE BRIDGED NETWORK, IT’S GOING TO BE THIS ONE!! Then low-and-forking-behold we can see each other!

So the network is out. 99.999% out.

Checking the iTunes (PC) versions on BloodyNinja vs. Detonator-3? vs. (respectively). Fitting with the pattern in the discussion boards mentioned above.

Current hypothesis: Something is fishy with this newest PC-version of iTunes. Or else it somehow doesn’t play nice with… what?

Now I’m on an uninstall/reinstall/patch/update/delete/disable/back-up/document/freak-out rampage trying to track down what app(s) and/or service(s) are causing the conflict and/or failure and/or … you get the picture. HOPING that I do not have to uninstall/reinstall iTunes itself b/c that’s almost 5,000 songs worth of meta-data that will be lost if it doesn’t read back the xml like I’m hypothesizing it won’t. And now for a snapshot of my brain:

Is it some terminal service fucking it up? A firewall I don’t know I have? Cygwin? Howl? Rendezvous for Windows? Is VNC running on the same port? Did the upgrade not go successfully? Does iTunes for Windows not play nice with iTunes 4.6 (15) on the Mac? Am I all wrong about the network being ruled out? Will I need to reinstall? Can I get a back-copy of iTunes if I need to?

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