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iMac G5.

by Rob Friesel

Gizmodo writes of Apple’s new G5 iMac…:

I thought this picture from the floor in Paris does a lot better job of illustrating what the new iMac G5s look like in real life than Apple’s product images.

This (of course?) hammers home but one point to me: Is this not currently the smallest 64-bit processor computer on the market today? Now, assuming the Screen Spanning Doctor applies to this model (“already” or “soon enough”, take your pick), this might very well become a front-runner as the most desirable computer on the market. As some have already noted…

G5 iMac (17″) G5 PowerMax w/ 17″ Apple Display
$1,953.00 $2,424.00
* Breaking it down here w/r/t/ the configuration on each of the above MSRPs… We’re talking 1 GB of RAM, 160GB SATA HD, 17″ display, Airport added, Bluetooth added, modem subtracted (on the PowerMac), and both outfitted with a SuperDrive. Granted, said PowerMac is a dual-processor beast but for home PC action…

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One Response to iMac G5.

Anonymous says:

eMachines has had a 64-bit laptop for many months now, so maybe that would be the smallest. Although this iMac probably takes the desktop award.

I like the picture that you provided much better, however I do not like this new iMac as a replacement for the sunflower model. How do I show someone sitting to the left of me what’s on my screen:

Sunflower iMac: Smoothly swivel the screen


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