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by Rob Friesel

Finally got around to watching the WWDC 2004 keynote. Impressive. Do I think Tiger will be as phenomenal as Panther? Not really. But then again, I’ve eased down off of so much of the Panther innovations (e.g., “love the *idea* of FileVault” and “Sidebar is cool but not the greatest thing ever…”) But hot damn was that Spotlight demo out of this fucking world. If you haven’t watched the keynote yet, I’ve got two words for you: “Half Dome”

Awesome stuff in there. But let’s just say I’ll hold my breath until Bobcat or Ocelot or Housecat or whatever they call X.5. Between Spotlight and H.264 and native 64-bit addressing, there’s a lot to go on but I’m thinking it’ll be the next “big” release that’s the amazing one.

My plan? Make Detonator-3 last just long enough for us to get an iMac G5 w/ X.4 pre-loaded. Then drop the $$ upgrade to X.5.

Here’s to writing checks your body can’t cash…

UPDATE: Just now making the connection between Spotlight and this post about Longhorn. My gut says “your bias is showing” but I’m wondering which is better — building a DB-based OS or robust search application built right into the OS layer that can be reused in any application for pretty much any search purpose?

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