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by Rob Friesel

Via Boing Boing, we hear of one man’s quest to get vinyl ripped to MP3 and out onto the P2P nets since most of it is now apparently public domain. First problem that jumps out is:

…need a record player with component outputs…

…which just says (to me at least) that this guy doesn’t know thing the first about how the musical information is encoded onto that wax in the first place. Paranoid conspiracy theorists would speculate that the RIAA was protecting itself far in advance but anyone who knows better realizes that the raw output from a record needs some serious transforms (via a mixer or phono pre-amp) to get the levels right. If the raw signal went onto the record, you could get about 2-3 minutes of music on a 12″ b/c of how much physical space the bass waveform requires. Don’t believe me? Try phono pre-amping twice — turntable > mixer > phono input on your receiver. Pretty gnarly, huh?

Yeah so… Uh, the rest of the obvious criticisms are all comments on that page.

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2 Responses to fighting the good fight.

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the link love (found this through Technorati) but ouch, it ain’t me who’s both trying to Stick it to the Cartel and clueless about audio signals. I have scaled the learning curve on digitizing those spiral scratches already.

I don’t know if this is all going to pan out anyway: upon further review, it doesn’t seem likely.

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