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what about michael b.?

by Rob Friesel

And now for the news we’re *not* hearing: Michael Badnarik concedes election to Bush.

Reuters reports: “In his call to President Bush, Badnarik concedes defeat. However, this concession does not come before the acknowledgment that he [the incumbent] ‘put up a good fight’ and that ‘next time the televised debate conspirists won’t get their way.’ Before ending the call, Badnarik pointed out that ‘it’s not isolationism, you know — just good common courtesy to stay out of sovereign countries’ businesses.’ Bush aides report that the call was terminated when Badnarik’s chant of ‘JEFFERSON WOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOU!’ made the President’s eyes fill with tears. ‘We had to remind him who he’s fighting for,’ an anonymous Bush aide is quoted as saying.”

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