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Follow Up and Fall Out.

by Rob Friesel

Highlight reel! Caught the minute-to-minute updates on Engadget today. Fortunately, it interfered with my work only minimally… I was surprised in both directions by what came out of the keynote and can’t wait to watch it later on. Thinking I’ll wait until tomorrow though…

So where do I lie on my predictions?

“Headless” iMac: Fortunately, we got it. Thankfully, the “iHome” rumor was bogus and we got it with the acceptable “mini Mac” moniker. And somehow the $499 price point prediction hit the mark, too. It felt good to be wrong about that last point. F_D’s score: 2/3

iWork: I was close on this one, too. It came but the UI looks like good ‘ol Aqua. Not so surprisingly, it’s branded as the AppleWorks successor and looks like it might still suck. The lack of a spreadsheet app seems a glaring omission. (Not ready at press time?) Let’s wait for ’06 on that one, shall we? F_D’s Score: 2/3

iPhone: It did get “announced” after all but pretty much as expected, it’s an all-Motorola dealie. Jury is still more/less out but this turned out very much not to be the iPod Flash incarnate. F_D’s Score: 1/3.

iPod Flash: It came. It came as a pack of gum with a $99 price tag. Capacity hit the 0.5-1 GB range and definitely no display of any kind. !!! I’m sure it’ll sell like one bad mo-fo, too. F_D’s Score: 0/3

iLife ’05: Announced as predicted. (“Sort of” predicted, anyway.) iTunes didn’t get the attention I was hoping for around here but got something minor, apparently. iPhoto got some major updates though, which on the surface look cool as hell. (Stability, TBD…) And though I still don’t give a rodent’s rear, good for iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand to get their due as well. F_D’s Score: 4/5

Total F_D Score: 9/17     (ouch!)

Next up? F_D breaks it down on the mini Mac…

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