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dream.20050226: cookies

by Rob Friesel

Me & A & my parents & and a grown-up version of this kid Jeremiah that I knew when I was a kid were all at the beach. We broke for lunch and on our way back from lunch, we stopped off at this liquor store to get some beers for the rest of the afternoon. When we were inside the store I couldn’t decide what I wanted. This girl that was working there was trying to convince me to buy these half-price Olde English 800s (b/c she’d taken them to a party last night and couldn’t finish them). I didn’t see anything that I wanted (not even the 64 oz. can Heinekens…) so I decided to just leave. The store was right across the street from the beach anyway, I said. And so we went back down to the beach and kicked up our feet. And right around then some dude came walking by with a big tray of snacks and I bought like $50 worth of chocolate chip cookies.

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