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dream.20050323: “Bust: The Obsession”

by Rob Friesel

For whatever reason, A & I are the featured actors in a play about pornographic (or at least very bawdy) plays in the Olde West. As in, six-shooters and belt buckles and garters and stuff. The action of the dream was mostly rehearsal. Joanne Klein was the director and the stage hands and crew members were all people I knew from work (a tall pony-tailed fellow and his wife in particular). We also previewed the ticket designs which were white cardstock with green line-art sketches of a man and woman in period costumes. The “she” in the sketch was (well) busty and he was mustached, wearing a cowboy hat, and staring at her tits.

The title on the ticket read: “Bust: The Obsession – – A Tale of Lust and Melancholy in 3 Acts”

What a weird fucking dream.

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