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by Rob Friesel

My AppleCare honeymoon ends today when I came home to a “drop-off attempt” notice from DHL at my home address. This coming after Friday’s call where I was assured that I’d put my request in to them well in advance of when it was scheduled to ship back out. There I was on Friday, all shocked that their system even reported it was “in for repair” (as it had only just left for their facility late on Thursday) — all under the impression that they were ahead of schedule and yet totally capable of accommodating my request to have it sent back to me at the office instead of home. And somehow that ball gets dropped.

My disappointment starts there and terminates with “OK– the change request is in but usually takes 24 hours to process” — with Apple trying to pin it on DHL. Alas– DHL I am certain is only shipping it where told.


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