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by Rob Friesel

After approx. 2 years of steady, happy use, I had my first serious hardware failure on my dear ol’ KetelOne. Indeed, I got stung by the Faulty Logic Board issue.

It was the weirdest thing, I was just plopping numbers into one if my Excel spreadsheets when out of nowhere the screen just goes blank. Hmm… That’s odd! Looked at the battery, thinking it had just jangled loose but it was solidly still in there. So strange. Re-boot (thinking maybe it just went to sleep) and still nothing. Odd!

Commence hot troubleshooting action!

  1. Is it on? Must be, because the LEDs go green when I hit the Num and Caps Lock keys. So that ain’t it.
  2. Are system services coming up? Must be because when I get it on the network, I can access the shared folders from Detonator-3. (Backed up critical files right then and there…)
  3. Launched good ol’ PuTTY on Detonator-3 and SSH’d in. Sweet! (Now we’re getting somewhere.) top to see if anything out of the ordinary is running. Doesn’t appear to be.
  4. Launched OS X VNC from the command line and VNC’d in from D-3. Interesting… The screen resolution had dumped back to 800×600 with “Thousands” of colors instead of my “maxed out” 1024×768 w/ “Millions”. Set that back, VNC’d back in…
  5. Ran the “Tech Tool” diagnostic that came w/ my AppleCare Portection Plan … came up healthy the whole way around.
  6. Checked the logs in the Console. Nothing there either.
  7. Tried hooking up D-3’s CRT to see if I could get mirror out or something along those lines. Er… Nope.
  8. Placed my call to AppleCare and got hooked up. Well, they’re fixing it free of charge anyway. Which makes me quite the happy camper. Best customer support experience I’ve had to date.

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