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Post-Tiger Wishlist

by Rob Friesel

As an RSVP to Engadget’s article…

  • Non-server versions should ship w/ Tomcat pre-installed and pre-hooked in to Apache. Instant WebDAV for local iCal hosting/sharing.
  • WebDAV client integrated into Finder.
  • Subversion client integrated into Finder.
  • Fix those FileVault bugs once and for all. (Really. Seriously. Not a feature.)
  • iCal needs to export to Excel. Or if not Excel, a CSV of some predictable layout. I know it sounds crazy, but this scheduling-folks-without-iCal thing is getting ridiculous. (Or maybe they can just kick some serious donation money to the Sunbird project.)
  • iCal: Tie “To Do” items to calendar events. And/or set recurrence rules. And/or have them show up on the calendar itself. (maybe differentiate visually? push pin effect?)
  • Tabbed iChat. With better logging. And encryption.
  • A little utility for importing mailboxes from XP’s Outlook Express.
  • Safari: “Really Quit? (13 open tabs)”
  • Safari: re-arrange-able tabs.
  • Safari: “Mark Page for Snapback” button in the tool bar.
  • “Icon” view — fine. “List” view — nice. “Column” view — awesome. Now just add “Tree” view and we’re all set.
  • TextEdit: Let me open HTML files as their source! CRIPES!
  • “Run [app] as [user]…” Or some other way of going Admin (or at least “Other User”) on a given file, folder, or application w/o having to go to the full 9 of Fast User Switching.
  • Let me AppleScript AirPort.
  • Desktop icon labels: I want to put them on the left for chrissakes….
  • Finder-integrated S/FTP client. How could this NOT already be in there?
  • Let’s fix some of those memory leaks, shall we?

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3 Responses to Post-Tiger Wishlist

Anonymous says:

>TextEdit: Let me open HTML files as their source!

TextEdit has done this all along–just check “Ignore rich text commands” in the open panel, or if you want to do this all the time, turn on the “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files” preference.

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