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Death Star

by Rob Friesel
Friends and relatives may have heard me refer from time to time to the “[tag]Death Star[/tag] Trench Run” part of my commute. While running some errands in Williston today, I decided to take along my camera to snap some pictures of said stretch of road for documentation purposes. Observe:

South becomes North on I-89

There’s also a slideshow on my Flickr stream.

So what is this? Seems Vermont is doing some work on a bridge between exits 10 and 11 northbound. And by “doing some work” I mean “rebuilding“. Anyway, it’s kind of freaky to have the northbound lanes of [tag]I-89[/tag] disappear and merge into one of the southbound lanes going northbound. I’m hoping they finish this up soon – – I don’t know if I can trust it through the winter!

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