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dream.20050906: Darth Stoli

by Rob Friesel

Industrial room. Very end-of-Terminator style. Very Empire Strikes Back Bespin mining colony. The room seems to go on without limits in all directions but invokes acute claustraphobia because of the crowded machinery. Robot arms swing wildly. Zero gravity. Darth Vader seems to be the only object unaffected by the zero-g. His light saber glowing a menacing red in the dim amber lights. Me, Stolichnaya, and Sambuca push off surfaces making vain efforts to subdue him. And yet, his light saber swings wide each time, missing the sharp feline claws and bared rabbit teeth. Escape is not his plan. I must face him alone.

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Software engineer by day. Science fiction writer by night. Weekend homebrewer, beer educator at Black Flannel, and Certified Cicerone. Author of The PhantomJS Cookbook and a short story in Please Do Not Remove. View all posts by Rob Friesel →

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