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dream.20050915: other people’s affairs

by Rob Friesel

I am cheating on A. We’re somewhere in the U.S. but we’re definitely not home. We’re out on a business trip but it’s not clear whose business trip. (Am I the guest on hers? Or is she the guest on mine?) The affair is with someone familiar but I can’t place who – – the name and face are not an exact match and there’s little (if any) other qualifying context(s). And every night on this trip, it’s me committing the adultery. Every illicit detail is mine to savor. Every night of this trip. And A is suspicious. I can’t figure out how or why she is suspicious. I’ve taken every precaution. There’s no way she could know, right? And then it hits me – – she knows that I’m unfaithful because I’ve been using her body to do it.

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