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on “one more thing”

by Rob Friesel

Tried to resist the temptation but it just didn’t work… The whole “One More Thing” Apple special event round-up (almost all of it more/less via TUAW):

  • iPod now featuring video capabilities. Is anyone really surprised? I still think it’s silly. Are folks going to watch copies of Lost and Desperate Housewives on the subway? Maybe (maybe!) if there was TV-quality screen output it would work as a device to haul around your home movies on. I don’t know, it’s all very underwhelming. “The Apology” might have made more sense.
  • And of course with new features on the iPod, comes the new iTunes 6. (So… Why was the 5 upgrade for then…?) No surprise that jHymn got broke by it nor that Apple (finally?) introduced recommendations into the iTMS. (However, if you ask me, it’s buggy. It recommended Ottmar Liebert because we’d purchased Delerium’s “Incantation” – – random!)
  • Oh yes… And new iMacs with a remote for something called Front Row that essentially turns it into a media center device for your living room. Except that who wants to watch movies and stuff on an iMac in their living room? Thus do we get a hint that Front Row seems custom made for the mini — spawning a petition already. (SIDE NOTE: Don’t count on it as an add-on unless they make a Bluetooth version of the remote. That IR business came out of nowhere if you ask me.) But Front Row may just be an early version — to test the waters — something quickly replaced with a more universal version that broadcasts over AirPort a la AirTunes…?
  • eMac removed from the online store. (The CRT is dead. Long live the CRT.)
  • And tangentially related (old news?): NewsGator acquires Ranchero & NetNewsWire in what could be a brilliant move for them. And as Gruber points out, it could easily be a win-win situation.

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