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by Rob Friesel

Via Boing Boing: Cartoon Aliens re-enact Tom Cruise anti-psychiatry rant

What I find particularly interesting here is how much Cruise’s knowledge of the subject rather unfortunately parodizes his position. Wait, allow me to rephrase: His passion for the subject matter combined with his confusion over specific terms parodizes his position. Tom:

  1. “Psychology” and “psychiatry” are two different things. Very specific, very different things. Let’s get the nomenclature right.
  2. Anti-psychotics? If you have done your homework you’d know that there are some pretty big differences between anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. Both have potentially nasty side-effect profiles (true) but while anti-depressants might (might) be over-prescribed, a doctor isn’t going to prescribe anti-psychotics without a lot of hand-wringing.
  3. Ritalin? Where are you coming up with this stuff? I hope you’re writing it down, you’ve got a future as the next generation’s “old guy” comedian.

To his credit, he says some coherent things. Many drugs are overprescribed. Unfortunately, he’s really missed the boat. If he had finished his research, he would see that the reason for over-prescription of most medications (esp. among children and the “anti-depressant” set) is because of health care companies. Check the politics, Tom. Psychoanalysis may be a crock of shit but there are plenty of other “talk” and “action” therapy techniques that don’t involve drugs that have high efficacy rates without the aid of medication. It’s all too unfortunate then that most folks can’t afford to do this on their own and since they fall back on their medical insurance, those tie-wearing motherfuckers are sitting in their teak paneled offices muttering: “Just put him on a Paxil scrip and get him the fuck out of there. One-third the cost! Margaret, extend my lunch hour!”

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