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does slashfiction pr0n count?

by Rob Friesel

Today’s puts us right back on schedule re: being shocked by the simplest things. And in the spirit of the month, no less.

(For John. Definitely for John.)

And no, I’m not participating. But that’s because I’m still neck-deep in my “serious” project that I unfortunately started before 01-Nov.

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One Response to does slashfiction pr0n count?

john says:

Ha! My nano is dead, because its turned into a “serious” project as well. I’m working on it still, but mostly doing trying to flesh out the ideas and plot and characters as notes and in my head. I think, if I ever write the thing, it will be like 700 pages long.

I’m writing long hand btw. You’re right, there’s a better feel to getting it down that way.

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